Core Health
      Lori T. Martin Certified Yoga & Pilates Instructor on Cape Cod

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Classes & Training

                          Private  Lessons          Yoga and Pilates         Classes  

 Private Lessons

Private lessons are available and encouraged. These tailored sessions allow for a complete individual experience with total confidentiality, enabling an honest and frank exchange of information about specific health or other issues.

Small group sessions are also available and can provide support, encouragement and positive reinforcement of like - minded people. Small groups are generally limited to two or three people to allow for individual support. Organizing your own group or inquire about joining an existing one.

Lori Martin's Core Health, as well as her unique approach, takes a balanced look at each client in a holistic fashion, considering the efforts of illness and injury on each person's body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Every session provides many opportunities for the exchange of valuable information and insight to facilitate your return to a harmonious state of health and good condition.

As you grow and improve, the nature and content of your sessions will evolve, constantly reflecting your current needs and abilities as you progress forward in mind and body.

 Yoga and Pilates

Yoga is a powerful, transformative practice that links the body and mind in a meditative awareness. Through synchronizing of breath, and the mindful application of a progressive series of postures, a process unfolds that produces intense internal heat followed by a purifying sweat. This natural outflow of the body detoxifies muscle tissue and body organs. The result is an improved circulation, a lighter and stronger body, and a calm mind able to focus more clearly. 

Pilates is a system designed to align and develop the core muscles of the torso. These muscles become the strength center of the body and enable further development of other physical disciplines, such as Yoga, dance and sport and endurance. This technique is used both for rehabilitation from injury and in maintaining a pro-active role in injury prevention.

Together Yoga and Pilates build strength without bulk, develop well-toned yet flexible muscle structure and improve everyday posture. Combined they can eliminate many conditions such as chronic back and neck pain by strengthening the core muscles of the body.


Hatha / I

Designed for beginners, those with limitations , as well as for people who want to deepen their practice, We will work with blocks, straps, and chairs. Concentration will be on alignment, breath and relaxation.

Vinyasa Flo / Intermediate

Designed for people who have had experienced with yoga. Through synchronization of breath and the mindful application of a progressive series of postures a process unfolds that produces intense internal heat, followed by a purifying sweat.

Pilates with the M.E.C.A. Wedge

Designed to align and develop the core muscles of the torso. These muscles become the strength center of the body and enhance benefits obtained from other physical disciplines such as yoga, dance and sports.

Corporate Classes

Corporate Yoga and Stress Management classes can help your bottom line. By working directly with your staff, I can enhance focus, as well as morale, in the work place through improved physical and mental conditioning. Providing employees with simple relaxation techniques and instructing them in proper body alignment will increase their flexibility, stamina and strength while reducing stress.

Thai Massage and Other Massage Treatments

Thai Massage is a powerful method of relaxing and aligning the body using two primary procedures, the application of gentle pressure with the hands and feet and the manipulation of the body through a wide variety of passive stretching movements. In a quiet meditative atmosphere, these procedures enable the body to open energy pathways and help regain flexibility and movement. Core health also provides Swedish Massage, Deep Muscle/Connective Tissue Massage and Trigger-point Therapy. Thai massage sessions are scheduled for 90 minutes, the other massage treatments are available in 60 minute sessions.