Core Health
      Lori T. Martin Certified Yoga & Pilates Instructor on Cape Cod

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Meet Lori

Lori T. Marin is the owner/founder of Core Health, established in 2001. Core Health is a distinct approach to exercise and wellness. Lori is an experienced and certified Yoga and Pilates teacher. She is also a wellness consultant incorporating multiple health-related disciplines such as meditation, nutrition and movement education. 

Lori's adaptive and unique programs are tailored to the client's specific needs, cultivating mind-body awareness needed to keep people injury free and operating at their maximum potential.

Highlights and qualifications
  • Designs and implements custom wellness programs, for private, corporate, and small business clientèle.
  • Provides stress management consulting utilizing relaxation training which includes breathing techniques, nutrition, and meditation.
  • Evaluates structural  alignment and core muscular strength to instruct clients in proper body alignment increasing flexibility, stamina, strength and preventing injury.
  • In corporates the science of fitness, the art of motivation, and the principles of psychology to bring the clients to a new level of awareness and lasting success.

Related Training and Certifications

  • Yoga Teacher Training, Prajna Yoga, Tias Little completed 200 hours. 
  • Purna Teacher Training, Aadil Palkhivala
  • Ashtanga Teacher Training with David Swenson 
  • Yoga and Pregnancy Training, Linda Spackman
  • East/West Yoga Anatomy, Scott Blossom, Yoga and Ayurveda
  • West Coast Pilates Certification, Kathy Corey
  • Vipassana/Mindfulness, 10 Day Meditation Training
  • Danskinetics Teacher Training Certification
~ Complete list of Training and Certification upon request ~