Core Health
      Lori T. Martin Certified Yoga & Pilates Instructor on Cape Cod

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"Adaptive programs tailored to meet your needs"

Lori teaches yoga with anatomical detail and with a keen sense of touch. Using props and encouraging students awareness in combing breath with movement in order to discover their own path to a harmonious state of well being.

 Core Health offers a different approach to exercise. Lori Martin specializes in Pilates and yoga within a framework of Eastern philosophy and traditional meditation practices.

 This approach combines the science of fitness with the art of motivation to achieve new levels of mental and physical awareness and core strength.

 Core Health specially designed sessions enable us to repair your existing muscular and skeletal imbalances while creating an awareness of proper alignment.

 The adaptive programs are tailored to your specific needs. Together we'll cultivate the total mind-body awareness needed to keep you fit, injury-free and operating at your maximum potential!

Lori T. Martin | Call 508.737.7522   or   Email  |  Osterville MA